SAT Tutoring in Rockville

Club Z! Tutors will work through our proven study program, “The Essential Guide for the SAT”, to help you prepare for all test areas. We understand that taking the SAT® can be daunting, but Club Z!’s specialized study programs define the difference between “freezing” and “flying high” when it comes to performance on standardized tests.

  • One-on-one intensive instruction
  • Customized practice questions target weaknesses
  • Proven techniques on how and when to guess
  • Strategies for approaching each type of question
  • Real SAT® practice tests
Club Z! uses the SAT® Reasoning Test which is comprised of ten sections used to predict how students will perform as college freshmen. Using this diagnostic tool, Club Z! SAT Test Prep Tutors Use The Following To Increase Your Score:

Critical Reading

  • Strategies for time management to complete the two 25-minute sections and one 20-minute sections
  • Our tutors will work with you on increasing your vocabulary so you will breeze through the 5-8 sentence completion questions
  • We make sure you are armed with strategies, tactics and the knowledge you need to answer short and long reading passage questions
  • How to compare two related passages
  • How and when to identify question difficulty and when to make your best guess


  • Time management strategies for the three part mathematics section consisting of two 25-minute sections and one 20-minute section
  • Quick rules to follow when answering multiple choice questions
  • How to approach and answer grid-in questions that have multiple correct answers
  • How to understand, calculate and answer new topic sections including Algebra II and scatter plot questions


  • 72% of the writing score comes from the multiple choice questions with 28% coming from the essay. Club Z! will work with students to make sure they can answer multiple choice questions and write their best essay.
  • Strategies for taking broad and often philosophical topics and creating well organized, grammatically correct essays with just the right amount of vocabulary enriched words that will get you your best score.
  • Tactics for error identification and sentence improvement multiple choice questions and how to use grammar to come up with the correct sentence
  • For the paragraph improvement multiple choice questions our tutors teach understanding of logical organization of ideas and strategies for making the best changes needed to best improve it