Science Tutors in Rockville

Got a budding Thomas Edison on your hands? Club Z! tutors will guide students who are struggling or even help develop the mind of our next great inventor!

Science photo Club Z! Rockville

Club Z! tutors make learning fun, encouraging an exploration of science, to challenge students by making the lesson interesting enough to stimulate the student’s desire to learn. From basic science to more advanced chemistry, biology, physics and mechanics, Club Z! has degreed tutors who can teach any level of science needed.



Our goals are to awaken curiosity and encourage exploration when we tutor scientific subjects such as biology. Club Z!’s educators work tirelessly to instill their own passion for knowledge in each student, along with the study skills needed to build confidence and achieve results. One to one tutoring can help a student understand complex concepts as well as improve study and memorization skills.


Whether it’s understanding the periodic table or balancing chemical equations that has your child alarmed, Club Z! is the answer. Our highly-educated tutors are often professionals in science related fields themselves. They know just how to break knowledge down into graspable segments, to help the student retain important facts and concepts.

We tutor science at all levels and for all ages, so whether the goal is avoiding summer school or preparing for college – or both! – we can provide the help you need.